Winning cultures aren’t always created in the locker room. Yes, stern and serious game time talks are significant for growth and strategy, but what are you doing off the court to maximize your partnerships and facilitate a rock-solid company culture?

Basketball & fine wine. The two go together like…golf & PBR? Yes, we know it’s an odd pairing but hang in there with us. Your latest episode of the Altitude Sessions podcast shoots this week’s shot with a fascinating story about an NBA coach that has found success on and off the court curating exceptional dining experiences for his team members. Organizational culture flourishes around good food and delicious wine. Does this sound like your family? That’s what Coach Pop has built with the San Antonio Spurs— a family whose members are willing to go the extra mile. A family who regularly sits around a dinner table together and, a family who takes time to reflect deeply on successes and failures. Tune in as we provide three key lessons that you can apply within your teams to keep your plays dialed. Pour yourself a cab and join us on this journey as we share how to play the game just a little bit better. Let’s #ElevateYourHealthCareThinking.  



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(2:25) We are away from Jackson Hole this week and on-the-road with a new mobile recording studio. We are stepping up our technology game and able to broadcast from almost anywhere. The possibilities seem limitless now.
(3:49) Want to hear a great story about fine wine & basketball? Believe it or not, Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs is a wine connoisseur and shares his passion for wine with his team through organized team dinners.
(4:25) Through these dinners, Coach Pop has facilitated an ingrained culture of family and togetherness.
(5:31) We can apply stories like Coach Pops to leadership advice and team camaraderie with our often disjointed healthcare community.
(7:02) We have drawn out three main key points from the article to show how this organizational culture can influence the success, growth, and togetherness of your business team.
(8:15) We start with a story from a GM at a restaurant group in Sacramento. He went out of his way to find and purchase Coach Pop’s favorite wines. By purchase we mean, spend nearly $50k on 150 bottles of wine. Coach Pop was blown away by this personal gesture. Over the course of the team dinner, Coach Pop purchased just under half of that supply from the restaurant.
(9:40) Coach Pop not only creates this sense of family and inclusive environment at his team dinners, but he also goes above and beyond to connect with the external staff, the restaurant staff that helps him orchestrate these experiences. He sees these employees as just as crucial to curating an exceptional environment as the team members sitting around his table.
(11:28) Switching back to the Sacramento restaurant, the legend of Coach Pop’s wine purchases and curated wine list got out in Sacramento. Wine aficionados and Coach Pop fans alike began visiting the restaurant, and the GM was rewarded with a career advancement for his attention to detail and going the extra mile to create a memorable experience.
(12:45) If you are responsible for P&L growth, how do you consider your key targets and the value you can offer that goes the extra mile?
(13:54) Another story: It’s Game 6 of the finals in Miami. Coach Pop pre-arranged a celebratory dinner for the Spurs after their anticipated Game 6 win. If you don’t remember, the team lost Game 6. Instead of cancelling the dinner, he reformats the dinner… bringing everyone together not to celebrate but reflect and offer support as a family.
(16:08) We don’t have to agree on one set definition of culture, but in the context of our working world, we can understand culture as the attitudes and behavioral characteristics of a group.
(16:40) How important is community and culture to our executive community with m4? Let’s jump into our key takeaways.
(18:40) Key question: When is the last time you went the extra mile? When is the last time you worked beyond the usual confines of your work requirements? What actions do you take to grow your pipeline? How do you stand out?
(20:21) Lesson #1: Find a way to stand out. Go the extra mile. Tune in to this part to hear how I use Friday afternoons to make connections.
(23:08) Lesson #2: You know you’ve started to build a deeper relationship when you find yourself having dinner with the individual that you want to have a conversation with. Not breakfast or lunch… DINNER. You’ve carved out a moment with those busy executives, and they are willing to listen. Take advantage of this. Dive deeper.
(24:55) Lesson #3: Sometimes, when failures occur, find a way to celebrate with your team. Lift them up instead of dwelling on what’s bringing them down. It’s understanding challenging times and giving your team space to reflect and refocus that can also be an effective approach to longer-term cultural successes.

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