4mul8 p&d austin

kimpton hotel van zandt | austin, tx | july 15-17, 2020

p&l leaders do.
product & distribution-focused doers wanted.

4mul8 p&d austin

| kimpton hotel van zandt |
| austin, tx |
| july 15-17, 2020 |

p&l leaders do.
product & distribution-focused doers wanted.

we're going back to where 4mul8 started in austin. leveraging m4's product & distribution expertise is how many top executives supported our organization during our earliest days. we keep this group going (& selectively growing) because it's the most candid gathering in healthcare that influences the design of future product and distribution models.

if you are the decision maker driving the next healthcare product and distribution strategies for your organization, then this format will bring the breadth of perspectives that will both challenge and validate your thinking. these worlds are changing. will you lead the charge?

strategic topics & thought leadership

core questions

4mul8 austin will explore a set of core questions concerning product & distributions strategies, challenges, and innovations. meeting modules are built around a central question and paired with provided case briefs prepared by the m4 innovation team.

industry knowledge

each strategic topic includes a key thought leader in a moderated format that helps every member personalize their exploration of the questions posed. we use these strategic sessions to work together as a community to explore every corner of an issue. the m4 team relies on our experiences to elevate the group’s thinking to unlock unique solutions. the major focus areas are on open-ended dialogue to drive candid debate and on targeted strategic discussion areas (where less is more) to allow for deep exploration. 

executive community networking

in-person community engagement

networking dinners and targeted seating arrangements allow for fluid connections among the 60-70 executive attendees. this group is a community of p&l leaders & technologists looking to change the landscape of how products & distribution models are built.

connect before & after with digital portal access

establish connections prior to 4mul8 austin through the 4mul8 executive community portal. the portal includes member contact information and allows for private & secure messaging. utilize the portal after 4mul8 austin to maintain your new relationships and grow your executive community network.

meeting format

100% private

100% member-supported

capped membership to provide intimacy & high quality of engagement


logistical details

location : austin, texas

nearest airport : AUS

transportation to/from airport : member coordinates on own

hotel : kimpton hotel van zandt

focus : breadth of timely product & distribution strategy modules


  • two networking dinners
  • two nights of hotel accommodations at the kimpton hotel van zandt
  • research briefs written by the m4 team for each strategic theme for pre-reading and use in discussions
  • access to an online web portal to maintain connections year-round

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