4mul8 jackson hole

four seasons resort | teton village, wy
october 19-22, 2020 (cohort 1)
october 20-23, 2020 (cohort 2)

master-planned retreat experience.
top industry executives.

4mul8 jackson hole

four seasons resort | teton village, wy
october 19-22, 2020 (cohort 1)
october 20-23, 2020 (cohort 2)

master-planned retreat experience.
top industry executives.

do you find all of the healthcare policy discussion around universal healthcare threatening? interesting? motivating? m4 innovation sees massive opportunities for the executive driven to lead market model change in just about every segment of the industry. change is not on its way. it's already here for those that can see it. as executives (& investors) who have a responsibility to navigate how to get from where we are today to a better future state, this marquee 4mul8 community has been built with an unprecedented breadth of opinions to take on these unique scenarios ahead.

we believe in the power of the market to solve for tomorrow's biggest needs. that may require breaking a few eggs, so get out of your echo chamber to see a broader picture in this retreat-style environment. jackson hole is one of the most magnificent places in the united states, and it has a deep healthcare pedigree. this is the place to be for market-oriented executives looking to define the next strategies, investments and partnerships that will confidently take us into the future. join us. this community is just getting started.

strategic topics & thought leadership

strategic insights that you bring to life

as our marquee strategy group, 4mul8 jackson hole will explore a set of core strategic challenges & opportunities facing the healthcare industry – with a lot of built-in networking & discussion time to help debate, refine and bring to life the strategies that resonate with you. these strategic insights are developed by the m4 innovation team only for the benefit of this private group.

top thought leaders that help expand your thinking

key industry doers (not wonks) are invited to accentuate each strategic pillar discussion. we don’t highlight these folks publicly. the stars within this group are your peers and you (while the thought leadership helps bring deep expertise to each chosen topic). the breadth of these curated experiences allows you to work together within this community to explore every corner of the issue. we rely on our experiences & research to guide the group’s thinking and problem-solving.

executive community networking

in-person community engagement

networking dinners and targeted seating arrangements allow for fluid connections among the 90-100 executive attendees. our team works diligently to bring together a diverse set of opinions from many different stakeholders all in one place. This group has representation from insurers, top employer collaborations, regional hospitals, consumer spending firms, benefits brokerages, general agencies, direct primary care physicians, digital health firms, pharmaceutical companies, technologists and more

connect before & after with digital portal access

establish connections prior to 4mul8 jackson hole through the 4mul8 executive community portal. the portal includes member contact information and allows for private & secure messaging. utilize the portal after 4mul8 jackson hole to maintain new relationships and grow your executive community network. 4mul8 jackson hole members have the second highest level access to all of our content & community members across all service tiers.

meeting format

100% private

100% member-supported

no sponsorships or exhibit halls allowed

set membership to maximize networking & discussions through intimacy

three networking dinners

2.5 days of strategy meetings & networking

new, two-cohort, overlapping format that allows for smaller discussion groups while maximizing networking & idea sharing

october 19 – 22 : cohort 1
october 20 – 23 : cohort 2


logistical details
location : teton village, wyoming

nearest airport : JAC

transportation to/from airport : m4 innovation team coordinates optional member transportation

hotel : four seasons resort

focus : industry-wide topics merging policy and top-executive thinking


  • three networking dinners
  • three nights of hotel accommodations at the four seasons resort (for first 65 members / overflow hotel may be used for those that sign up late in the process)
  • optional transportation arranged to/from the JAC airport
  • research briefs written by the m4 team for each strategic theme for pre-reading and use in discussions
  • access to an online web portal to maintain connections year-round

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