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– Fees are based on the 2020 membership package that you select; advisory-based programs for the ascend level, pique level, virtual grō meeting and grō @ 4mul8 offering have fees set based on the specifics of the desired level of engagement by the m4 team; m4 will outline these fixed fees prior to invoicing – Upon acceptance into the community, 4mul8 single and base memberships will be invoiced within 24 hours after your notification of acceptance. Full payment for these membership levels are due net 30. Membership is not confirmed, and benefits are not activated, until payment has been received. Company may use different payment terms for advisory memberships. If invoiced membership fees are not received within 30 days of membership acceptance, member may be removed from assigned 2020 meeting, and his or her slot may be filled with a new or waitlist applicant. – Members will not be given full access to the digital member portal until after payment is received in full – NO REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED; Paid members will not receive a refund due to an unexpected cancellation, but the member may request another executive from the same company to join in his/her place; given this is a master-planned group, this policy is based on m4 innovation’s efforts to finalize budgets, member lists and logistics for 2020 strategy groups -DUE TO COVID-19, M4 INNOVATION WILL OFFER A 100% CREDIT TOWARD 2021 PROGRAMS FOR PAID MEMBERS IN THE CASE THAT WE ARE UNABLE TO HOST A MEETING DUE TO FEDERAL, STATE OR LOCAL REGULATORY ORDERS THAT EXPLICITLY PREVENT GATHERINGS OF 50 PEOPLE OR LESS; ALL CREDITS ISSUED MUST BE USED IN 2021; MEMBERS MAY REQUEST A FULL CREDIT FOR USE IN 2021 UP TO 45 DAYS BEFORE THE GROUP YOU ARE ASSIGNED TO ATTEND BEGINS; INSIDE OF 45 DAYS, WE ARE ABLE TO EXTEND A 50% CREDIT OF THE VALUE ASSIGNED TO THAT MEETING. - Memberships that include more than one seat may be used to invite a client, prospect or colleague. Members can substitute their seat due to last-minute scheduling issues for another colleague in their company with our approval. Unused second seats are not creditable for future groups for any reason beyond Company not hosting the scheduled group due to regulatory order. – 4mul8 is an active, top executive group where candid dialogue is the rule, not the exception; maintaining the privacy of these discussions is a key criteria for membership; we drive these sessions to discuss current and future trends with the intent to build the trust that builds great businesses in healthcare; for some meetings, a non-disclosure agreement along with a travel/health waiver may be required; violation of our privacy code, along with refusal to sign any required agreements, will result in immediate removal from this community with no refund for unused services; it may also result in a ban from access to any future m4 innovation service models – m4 innovation is known for our meticulous planning for 4mul8 members; BECAUSE OF THIS, WE DO NOT OPERATE LIKE A CONFERENCE; your commitment to the entire set of meeting sessions is key for the success of all involved; our meetings are very intimate and have a hard membership cap of no more than 50 in 2020; this places a top value for each open membership, so please commit to doing your part to add to the value of this group; members are strategically scheduled within our master-planned format at each site to maximize the networking value that drives unique, open-ended discussion for each member; agreeing to participate in 4mul8 is an agreement to adhere to our master schedule – Information provided on any forms or through community programming will not be sold or bartered; it will be used for purposes of communicating with you about m4 innovation & future strategy groups; for more information, please see m4 innovation’s full Privacy Policy – m4 innovation reserves the right to modify the format & fees of the strategy group and service offerings at any time and will notify members accordingly; m4 innovation does not retroactively grant credits for any change in our fee structures. - Should you have any questions about these terms & conditions prior to membership acceptance and payment, please reach out to