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– Fees are based 4mul8 membership package: 1) base package or 2) single membership – Base package and single membership fees will be invoiced within 24 hours after the membership application is received. Fee payment for all accepted members is due net-30. If membership fees are not received within 30 days of membership acceptance, members may be removed from the 2020 membership, and their slot filled with a new or waitlist applicant – Members will not be given full access to the digital member portal until after payment is received in full – NO REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED; Paid members will not receive a refund due to an unexpected cancellation, but the member may request another executive from the same company to join in his/her place; given this is a master-planned group, this policy is based on m4 innovation’s efforts to finalize budgets, member lists and logistics for the 2020 strategy groups - Base, Ascend, or Pique memberships do not require that the same individual attend both 4mul8 meetings. Members can substitute their seat for another colleague in their company with our approval. – This is an active strategy group where candid dialogue is the rule, not the exception; maintaining the privacy of these discussions is a key criteria for membership; we drive these sessions to discuss current and future trends, but, under no circumstances, is the material discussed at 4mul8 intended to be viewed as an executable market strategy; this group is for networking and idea-sharing that can provide inspiration for deeper, executable growth plans once members return back to their organizations – Great care is taken by the session planners to ensure that the thought leadership sessions & moderated themes are of interest to a majority of the strategy group attendees; members are strategically seated at the strategy group site within an assigned cohort for a majority of the gathering to eliminate conflicts of interest and to maximize networking value that drives unique, open-ended discussion – Information provided on the application form will not be sold or bartered; it will be used for purposes of communicating with you about m4 innovation & future strategy groups; for more information, please see m4 innovation’s full Privacy Policy – m4 innovation reserves the right to modify the format of the strategy group at any time and will notify members accordingly - - Should you have any questions about this application or agreed-upon terms & conditions, please reach out to -