2017 Fees, Application & Terms & Conditions

4mul8 2017 Miami: an m4 innovation senior executive healthcare strategy group


(all other interested executives may apply below, and you will be added to our waitlist; if any slots open up, you will be notified if you are accepted into the group no later than June 19, 2017)

General Membership

Fee assessed only after application is approved & new member is accepted into the strategy group
  • Health, Ancillary, Life & P&C Insurers/Reinsurers
  • Retailers/PBMs
  • Employee Benefits Consultants
  • CEO, CFO & Human Resources Decision Makers for Employers
  • Hospitals, Physicians & ACOs
  • m4 innovation reserves the right to classify your group in another membership tier (all technology solutions are omitted from this tier; we will notify you of your fee tier in your acceptance email)
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Service Provider Membership

Fee assessed only after application is approved & new member is accepted into the strategy group
  • 2nd membership = $3,200; 3rd membership = $2,650
  • Healthcare Technology Companies (HIE, EMR, mHealth, Digital Distribution Platforms, Benefit Administration Systems, Private Exchanges, TeleHealth, Transparency Tools, Condition Management, Wellness, Analytics, etc.)
  • Consulting & Investment Firms (excludes Benefits Consultants)
  • Rental Network Providers
  • m4 innovation reserves the right to classify your group in another membership tier
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Terms & Conditions:

– Fees are based on assignment to one of two membership categories: 1) general member or 2) service provider member; this is not an exhaustive list, and m4 innovation reserves the right to categorize each member as it sees fit with notification provided at the point of acceptance into the strategy group

– Alumni, defined as those members that have been a past member in a 4mul8 strategy group, are extended an exclusive opportunity to re-apply for fast-track membership until 11:59pm CST on 12/04/2016; accepted fast-track members will be informed of their acceptance by 01/08/2017 at 11:59 pm CST at the latest; if an alumni applicant has not been informed by this timeframe, then that member will be placed on a waitlist for the 2017 group

– Additional group benefits are offered to strategic partners that exceed those of general/service provider members (details of these benefits will be provided by m4 innovation upon acceptance as a strategic partner)

– New membership applications will be accepted beginning 12/05/2016, and notification of acceptance may begin as early as 01/08/2017; notifications will continue about every four weeks thereafter to new applicants that we accept until we have meet our internal group diversification targets; this may happen at any point beginning in January and will be based on application demand

– Fee payment for all accepted members is due in full by 11:59p CST on February 17, 2017; currently accepted members that have not paid by that point may be removed from the 2017 membership and their slot filled with a new or wait list applicant; all applications approved after February 17, 2017 will be billed on a net-30 basis

– Paid members may receive a refund, net a $350 administration fee, up until May 19, 2017; after this, NO REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED, but the member may request another executive from the same company to join in his/her place; given this is a master-planned group, this policy is based on m4 innovation’s timelines to finalize budgets, member lists and staffing resources for the 2017 strategy group

– m4 innovation accepts credit cards as a form of payment, or you may pay via check once invoiced; we will enable the credit card option to pay this way through our third-party service when we email your invoice; our partner accepts Visa, American Express & MasterCard; all credit card data will be handled by our partner–not m4 innovation

– This is an active strategy group where candid dialogue is the rule not the exception; maintaining the privacy of these discussions is a key criteria for membership; we drive these sessions to discuss current and future trends, but, under no circumstances, is the material discussed at 4mul8 intended to be viewed as an executable market strategy; this group is for networking and idea sharing that can provide inspiration for deeper, executable growth plans once members return back to their organizations; acceptance into this strategy group comes with an in-person session in Miami and two webinar commitments; we encourage all members and invited thought leaders to participate in all group activities

– Great care is taken by the session planners to ensure that the thought leadership sessions & THINK moderated themes are of interest to a majority of the strategy group attendees; members are strategically seated at the strategy group site within an assigned cohort for a majority of the gathering to eliminate conflicts of interest and to maximize networking value that drives unique, open-ended discussion

– Information provided on the application form will not be sold or bartered; it will be used for purposes of communicating with you about m4 innovation & future strategy groups; for more information, please see m4 innovation’s full Privacy Policy

– m4 innovation reserves the right to modify the format of the strategy group at any time, and will notify members accordingly

– Applying to 4mul8 serves as your acceptance of the terms & conditions listed above