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we understand the rigors that come with being a top healthcare executive. balancing the needs of today’s p&l with the investments required to matter tomorrow is a delicate act. we curate a private community that helps executives vet the next strategic partnerships, investments & adjacent networking opportunities. our community is the bedrock from which we can help you navigate the trends shaping our industry. we’ve merged the best parts of market alignment work with community trust building into a set of offerings fine tuned over the last six years. m4 has helped create over $9B in market value through our model, and we’re just getting started.

our business operations are based in the texas hill country town of boerne, but we work on initiatives all over the united states. texas is a key growth state for many healthcare initiatives, and we’re proud to be mixing it up with our member companies that seek the know-how to win here. 

it is no coincidence that we maintain a presence and host our marquee business meeting in jackson hole, wyoming. this is a special place with deep roots in healthcare. in 1971, a group of diverse thinkers and industry executives came together to form the jackson hole group. they were a major voice in the universal healthcare versus private market solutions debate that raged into the mid-90’s. m4 honors that legacy by putting 4mul8 here, but it is our time spent with this executive community (in our style) that will write the next stories to mold the coming decades… all from this valley every fall… all driven by your inspiration to make a real difference. 

we hand you the tools, insights, and network that you won’t find anywhere else. together, we take on the challenges and growth opportunities for this complex industry that are always changing.


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brian melanson | founder & president

brian is the founder & president of m4—a private healthcare community for executives and investors. our team is passionately aligned around our mission to work with a breadth of healthcare & insurance-focused companies to unlock the partnerships, investments and market opportunities that will significantly shape the future of the industry.

brian has over 15 years of healthcare experience, with the last six working with household brands and growth-stage companies as part of the overall mission at m4. previously, he has held roles at premera blue cross, humana, digital insurance and destiny health. brian has been a lifelong entrepreneur inspired by the creativity & extreme drive it takes to source new ideas & turn them into meaningful solutions. this drive flows over into the work of our team to be the best source for elevated thinking in healthcare.

brian has built successful businesses outside of healthcare—including a technology company focused on identifying process inefficiencies for pharmaceutical & manufacturing organizations along with running a high-end women’s shoe magazine.

having worked in both startups and large organizations, brian has become a key part of the team for many top healthcare executives to creatively identify and vet what needs to be done today… all so that their businesses can remain impactful tomorrow. we believe that it takes a deeply connected community of diverse opinions to truly grow our industry. this is the curated experience that is embedded into our team’s culture to be the driving force for success with each of our members.