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helping healthcare executives elevate their thinking about the industry’s next five years (warning: graphic language is occasionally used)

selling season tune-up & thriving in solitude as a leader

altitude sessions 020
It’s selling season, and we are delivering the cold hard truth…well many truths. First, no one will ever buy for you. That hurts, right? Next, we share the secret to PowerPoint presentations, and it might surprise you. Also, did we mention that relationships were meaningful? Relationships are VERY important in sales. Finally, we ease up and switch gears to help you combat the loneliness that comes with being on top. Put down your sales deck and turn up the volume.

being clear about your time & life insurance that has a death wish

altitude sessions 019
3-2-1. No, we aren’t counting down a ribbon-cutting or rocket launch. We are opening the door into “the most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.” James Clear shares the secret to failure. Spoiler: it involves zero effort. Also, do you have a death wish? U.K’s fully-digital, consumer-centric life insurance company, DeadHappy, is encouraging customers to plan a death wish. Can one company’s mission bring joy and hope to the way we think about the end of days?

gen y & z will ghost those deemed not authentic to “we”

altitude sessions 018
What comes to mind when you hear the word “authentic?” If your brain jumps to “authentic Italian food,” you might be missing the mark. Millennials and Gen Zs are desperately searching for authentic communities. They crave organizations with a well-established purpose that can provide value to the populations they serve. More importantly, millennials are willing to walk away if they can’t find the authentic relationships they seek. Would your organization pass the authenticity test, or will a Gen Z’er sniff out your overused “bedrock” industry B.S. and blast it over Instagram faster than you can say “snapchat?”

neurotic creativity & the retailers are coming!

altitude sessions 017
Can you be creative and neurotic at the same time? Maybe it’s the retail sector that is ramping up their growth mindsets in healthcare looking at moves being made over the last year? Are your strategies keeping up? Dive in to this episode to think big about solving for the upper or lower income sectors in healthcare.

let’s space out & think about healthcare’s ending to shape your next strategy

altitude sessions 016
You might never gaze at the stars the same way again after this episode. We look at how scientists are postulating about the end of the universe to define a relative point for you to use for your next strategy. Spaced out, yet? Jump in with us on this fun episode to continue to challenge your healthcare model thinking.

building a winning culture with coach pop

altitude sessions 015
Winning cultures aren’t always created in the locker room. Yes, stern and serious game time talks are significant for growth and strategy, but what are you doing off the court to maximize your partnerships and facilitate a rock-solid company culture?

will alexa change your behavior in healthcare purchasing & other conversational AI questions with neal sofian

altitude sessions 014
Are you one of the 120 million Americans that owns a smart speaker today? Better yet, did you tell Alexa to play the Altitude Sessions podcast? What if Alexa could also help you decide on health coverage and remind you to take your medicine? Neal Sofian shares his work on voice technology and how AI relationships can transform the healthcare industry.

fourth of july trivia & learning to manage yourself fellow top executive

altitude sessions 013
This holiday is certainly a time to take a break and relax with family and friends but are you finding moments in your everyday routine to take a deep breath and check in with yourself?

industry executives taking a stand (whoops) plus i'm your strategy & I need help!

altitude sessions 012
Let’s be honest, the strategy-setting process in corporate healthcare kind of sucks. Secretly, we all know this but let’s dive into the reasons why. We will also dip our toe into the strategy of private exchanges, and I’ll share a book that I promise is not just another strategy framework book with a cool title

discussing rural direct primary care with dr. mike tracy and do you know Ashley too?

altitude sessions 011
This week we have an exceptional visitor from over the river and through the woods. Dr. Mike Tracy joins us on the line from Powell, WY and talks his DPC practice and the benefits of DPC for employer model healthcare in rural communities. We also dive into major takeaways from the latest episode of Black Mirror. Tune in and turn up!

it's time to grō & is nature our best medicine

altitude sessions 010
Get outside! It’s good for you & there’s a growing body of evidence that it’s good for healthcare strategies. Is prescribing nature a core tenet to your approaches to sustain healthcare and drive societal/economic advancement? Let’s also find time to grō together starting in Q1 2020.

legos-inspired products & the employer's last stand

altitude sessions 009
Fresh off time in Miami, we’re rocking this week. How do Legos tie into future product strategies? And, are we in a period where this is “The Employer’s Last Stand?” Listen on & join the debate in our community.

talking politics & policy with chris condeluci

altitude sessions 008
If you want to think through a couple of the more relevant issues in healthcare being influenced by policy, then we have the episode for you. The show includes very up-to-date thinking from Chris Condeluci from CC Law & Policy. We continue to dig into what’s next for AHPs & we discuss surprise medical bill legislative activity.

weaponization of healthcare over ahps & get curious!

altitude sessions 007
Let’s talk about the difficulties of innovating during this extreme period where healthcare is being weaponized. A great case study can be found in the Association Health Plan market opportunity. Medicare for All policies will likely morph as the primaries heat up. AND… we want to keep you motivated to stay curious – even during these crazy, unpredictable times.

healthcare's de-coupling moment and becoming a guru too soon

altitude sessions 006
Spring Break is upon us (at least at m4). Still, we’re pumping out the good stuff with an episode that discusses the de-coupling concept and how that may impact your business. As for buzzword bingo, we throw in DPC, AI, VoiceTech and “Forget Your Branding” as fun topics this episode. Did we also use Elizabeth Holmes for a leadership example? Maybe. You’ll have to listen to find out more. p>

telling stories and why healthcare needs you to scale your difficult mountain

altitude sessions 005
The view from the top of the mountain is always different from its base. The journey to the top is often filled with unexpected challenges, new perils & times when you might want to give up. It’s the challenge that makes the view worth it… and it separates your perspective from those that never get off the valley floor. Healthcare friends, if we are going to get anywhere, it’s time for us to scale our own difficult mountain to change the view of what the future will be. This episode brings forth mountain heroes to inspire us, to help us cast aside our villains & to get on with it to mold healthcare’s future.

ahps, dpc, mental health & “the omnipotence gap,” digital health tools' impact on product strategies, and channeling stephen hawking for management advice

altitude sessions 004
Oh yes, we cover a lot of ground in this episode. The state of America’s mental health is put into focus. Does the role of technology, which is turning us all into our own mini-Gods, have any influence on our worsening mental state? On less “depressing” terms, we get after AHPs, DPC & digital health tools growth. Stephen Hawking is channeled as this episode’s management guru as a way to remind us that chaos is the constant and that we need to develop an 11th habit to thrive.

whistle pig-influenced thinking on the importance of good managers and why it's time to re-examine your product & distribution strategies

altitude sessions 003
It’s been a couple of weeks worth celebrating, so we brought out the Whistle Pig to “inspire” references to the Fyre Festival and the need for management along with comparisons between Amazon & Taco Bell. Oh, and there’s time dedicated to get you thinking about if your product & distribution strategies are ready for the onslaught to your business wrought by the “digital natives” currently spoiled by your friends at Amazon.

universal healthcare politics & why the employer insurance model does not scale

altitude sessions 002
Will the next democratic presidential nominee have to deeply love universal healthcare, and how about challenging closely-held assumptions about the employer insurance model, too? Can we still find growth during these times of change?

individual market & learning to ride your horse

altitude sessions 001
What do riding a horse and the individual health insurance marketplaces have to do with one another?