m4 innovation’s Brian Melanson recently moderated a webinar in March of 2015 sponsored by Array Health that featured two ancillary executives from Sun Life Financial & HM Insurance Group.

There is a lot of discussion about the impact of health insurance due to the growth of private exchanges, but this discussion focused on how ancillary businesses view these technologies. Combined with their ancillary business strategies, it was asked if private exchanges will serve as a vessel for higher revenue products, or might they open a doorway for new market disruptions?

The webinar discussion focused on these areas, followed by an informative, moderated session:

  • What are best practices for increasing uptake of ancillary products on a private health insurance exchange?
  • What business models are available for carriers to leverage with ancillary vendors?
  • What products and bundle approaches are successfully selling on a private exchange?
  • How will brokers be impacted as private exchanges remix the benefit offerings for employers?

Click here to be re-directed to Array’s website to access the recording of the webinar.