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for those that see a better day tomorrow than today in healthcare, we solute you; for those that can help provide the foundation for top healthcare executives to get us there… well, we have a spot for you.

 m4 innovation seeks, from time to time, a diverse group of thinkers, marketing gurus, people who like to play with numbers, and those with a child-like curiosity who love taking things apart just to figure out how to make them work better. the health economy is a big, complex place that requires energetic individuals willing to take a jog up a steep hill–just for the joy of describing the view. still, the most important part of our work is to facilitate the right ideas at the right time with the right top executives to nudge the health economy toward a better path for future generations. our team elevates healthcare thinking so that top executives can think deeply about and drive us toward a better future.

we are asked to work alongside top executives in a personal, 1:1 way. these executives rely on our organization as a sounding board for key questions, and they partner with us to bring along ideas and partnerships that will help their businesses thrive during times of change. most of our 220 executive members work at america’s biggest or most notable emerging health economy companies. our work is both noble for our futures and necessary for our clients. thank you for taking the time below to explore our open opportunities.

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