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terms & conditions:

mber memberships are purchased one (1) per company

annual fees are $2,825 for a base membership & $1,825 for a value membership

member companies will gain access to five (5) annual webinars, beginning in march of each year, and one (1) or two (2) seats to our annual networking forum held in may each year

value memberships are available to only the following: government organizations, full-time C/SVP/VP/HR employees of non-health-based employers (typically, an individual that decides on or manages/purchases risk products for a company), foundations & startups that have been in business less than three (3) years & have less than $3 million in annual revenue (subject to verification by m4 to be accepted into a value membership); these memberships offer only one (1) seat to the annual networking forum

while we prefer to bill the membership fee to one cost center, we can split the initial cost of a membership across up to two (2) cost centers; please indicate the contact details of the other cost center for invoicing purposes in the comments section, if necessary; additional seats purchased at a later date will be billed directly to the purchaser from your company

m4 innovation allows the gifting of mber memberships for other companies by current mber members; if interested in this option, please sign up as the company of interest and put a note in the comments section that your organization would like to be billed on their behalf; we will invoice to the name on file, unless specified otherwise in the comments

subsidiaries of larger organizations may be required to purchase a separate membership, at m4 innovation’s discretion

purchase of a membership is for twelve (12) months, beginning on the first of the month after payment is successfully received

failure to meet the 12-month agreement for membership will result in a ban from any mber or 4mul8 memberships for the organization for a period of at least two (2) years

each company will dedicate one (1) contact to be named on networking lists provided to all member companies; this person will hold the responsibility of fielding all comments/questions of interest from other member companies

each company will provide an overview of their business & a logo for placement in our online mber company directory

member companies reserve the right to purchase up to six (6) total seats to the annual networking forum at a fee of $750/ea; these memberships can be invoiced to separate cost centers, as long as the seat being added is for an employee of the member company

we will feature up to two (2) mber companies on each webinar; m4 innovation will reach out to companies of interest 30 days prior to the next webinar to ascertain interest in providing content and participating with us

we do not issue refunds for companies wishing to discontinue their relationship with mber within the 12-month term; this is due to the yearlong access to networking lists & top-line research that we provide

mber member companies reserve the right to request an application to our exclusive 4mul8 tiers of service; applying does not automatically guarantee acceptance into a 4mul8 tier; generally, less than 10% of mber companies are accepted into these service tiers

mber member companies that are not accepted into a 4mul8 tier do have the right to nominate an executive to apply to any 4mul8 offered business group; these applications are reviewed and voted on by 4mul8 companies, and seats for our exclusive business groups will be filled on a space available basis; generally, fewer than 15% of seats will be available to non-4mul8 or non-m4 invitees for these groups, but we encourage all interested executives in mber to apply; we use these applications as a way to round out our business groups with a small number of exceptionally interesting executives that we feel will add value toward the stated objectives of each 4mul8 member company & scheduled business group

submitting your information to join as a mber member company signifies your acceptance of these terms & conditions