membership tiers comparison

we have organized our most popular premium offerings for your comparison in the table below.
thank you for your interest in working with m4 innovation.

free tier


access digital insights available to all healthcare executives

  • create free community profile
  • listen to bi-weekly healthcare trends podcast (Altitude Sessions)
  • read brian’s blog for unique insights

grō your organization & career by tackling current trends

  • no grō benefits for this tier

4mul8 your strategies for top executive success

  • no 4mul8 benefits for this tier tier


gain new levels of digital content & networking access

  • provide access for one to four executives in this tier for 12 months (this is a company-level membership)
  • search & review other & free level profiles
  • read exclusive content from a curated list of thought leaders via our private blog page
  • access our “insurance of the future” report discussing key, 5-year trends in depth
  • privately message members 1:1 through our internal messaging platform

be part of the movement in the community to grō your business

  • members selected for the company membership may join grō groups on an a la carte basis 
  • grō group fees are from $1,250 or $1,750* per participant and include access to our one-day meeting formula that includes all meeting planning, case study preparation and one networking dinner (hotel & travel costs are not included for grō meetings unless specifically stated)
  • invitation to a grō group is subject to approval by the m4 innovation team

applying to 4mul8 is now just one step away for top executives

no benefits for this tier (but, this is the right start, as all 4mul8 applicants must be part of a company membership at the tier)

$1,750 or $2,000*

4mul8 tier


get top-level access to all digital resources & private content

  • search & review other 4mul8, & free level profiles (see the bigger community with this level of access)
  • get links to private, 4mul8-level-only research reports & market insights

make it a little easier to grō as one of our top level members

  • current-year 4mul8 members can take an additional $75 off each grō group of interest ($1,175 or $1,675*)
  • get priority access to grō groups of choice for you or your designated level colleagues
  • invitation to a grō group is subject to approval by the m4 innovation team



be part of our best groups & the deepest part of the community

  • accepted members will be invited to join our top business group(s) (subject to m4 innovation’s most stringent approval, as these groups are curated to drive a breadth of thinking in one place) 
  • join as a single member with full 4mul8 level access for $3,775 or $5,250* for each group
  • access is all inclusive at the strategy group (get to the location & our team handles everything else; two nights hotel, two networking dinners & all business meeting activities are included)
  • get our white papers on the most timely topics to shape the next five years within the healthcare industry
  • know that 4mul8 is a private, exclusive strategic planning environment for top executives – not all applicants will be approved
  • get more (once approved) when you package 4mul8 & grō group seats together (a 10%+ discount is applied, with 4mul8 package fees set at $10,625 or $14,400 – email m4 for more information or fill in this form)
  • looking for personalized strategic consulting to go with the business group experience? 4mul8 retainer tiers start at $3,500 per month & include incredible values – email m4 for more details)

$3,775 or $5,250*

* the fee billed is based on how m4 innovation classifies your organization. you may apply for a single 4mul8 membership or package, as long as your organization has an active membership. memberships are for twelve months. 

the first fee listed is for insurers, reinsurers, ancillary insurers, employee HR/C-level executives, investors, insurance brokerages, hospitals, physicians/dentists, government executives & non-profit executives.

the second fee listed is for technology firms, benefits/HR technology platforms, pharmaceutical manufacturers, digital therapeutic platforms, PBMs, industry consultants, discount health/ancillary service provider platforms, product manufacturers, and all other service provider companies as designated by m4 innovation.

the m4 innovation team will always clarify your company’s classification prior to invoicing. all invoices will detail your tier and fee(s). m4 innovation reserves the right to accept or remove any member to manage a curated, private community of top executives dedicated to working with one another to solve for the future of healthcare.