the virtual open forums

90 minutes each | october 22, 2020 through march 25, 2021
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one Q&A segment

30 minutes with industry leaders

dedicated, candid discussions

60 mins to explore top-of-mind issues

virtual, private sessions

six total. curated participation.

quick reminders

these sessions are 100% sponsor free.

the attendance is capped at no more than 40 participants per session to ensure a quality experience.

m4’s focus for the executive community through the pandemic continues to be to build the trust that grows the industry–one valuable interaction at a time.

sessions schedule [all are from 1:30 – 3:00p CT]: 

october 22, 2020

managing mental health during a pandemic & the impact of 2020 politics on healthcare strategies & investments

november 19, 2020

COVID-19 “era” market growth plays with an investor & a business operator focused on meeting the needs of millennials

december 17, 2020

building healthcare’s digital front door as the targeted distribution platform for healthcare services to be delivered on the other side 

january 21, 2021

january 1 enrollment is done and the coronavirus is still here; yes, it’s time to start thinking differently about the new & symbiotic nature of the individual & group segments 

february 25, 2021

medicare advantage investments and partnerships are trendy plays, but is the model sustainable 

march 25, 2021

are the next five years the employer market’s last chance to innovate around affordability before model change toward a public-private partnership is realized

m4 will provide thought leadership updates to confirmed participants of these private sessions. forum “themes” subject to change based on community feedback. 

are you a current 2020 4mul8 member looking to research your options for the balance of this year (or into 2021)? or, are you new looking for deeper insights behind the thinking that drives m4’s top executive community? we’ve got a blog post that both answers current questions while sharing the history of our model and how it ties into the virtual open forum approach here.

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