The m4 innovation team has wrapped our final 4mul8 strategy meeting of 2019. Before focusing our efforts on what’s ahead (although I’d be lying if I said that 2020 planning process hasn’t already begun), I want to take a moment to reflect on this 4mul8 community I now feel firmly rooted within. As the executive community manager, I work to support, engage, and grow this inner-circle of top healthcare executives.  Always up for a challenge—and with a conscious effort to build on this group’s growing expectations—I dove in.

My first real experience with the 4mul8 executive community was with our product & distribution focused 4mul8 meeting in Atlanta. If asked to describe my nerves going into this first 4mul8 meeting, I’d say they rivaled that of a person tasked with interacting with territorial grizzly bears. Terrified, I pictured powerful bears leaders flattening the meeting room with indifference or destroying it with aggression. Will this group of executives be engaged in the discussion? Do they care to read our provided case briefs (focused on what’s relevant to strategically define the next key steps in healthcare)?

What I found was quite the opposite. The room was buzzing. Egos and sales pitches were left at the door. I was amongst a group of highly engaged leaders eager to think hard about the challenges within our industry and excited to pose out-of-the-box solutions they hoped will bring about real change. Industry competitors, sector opposites, meeting alumni, and new fresh faces walked freely across professional constructs. It was insightful and memorable and gave me a taste of what was to come.

4mul8 jackson hole welcomed a significantly larger, broader group of members to our hometown and opened the floor for strategic discussions that weaved across industry sectors. The Tetons were stunning and dusted with early season snow. The fall colors were vivid, the air was crisp, and the weather was simply perfect. I joined m4 innovation in this role because the team is aligned in the belief that key executives need to allow our natural surroundings to stimulate our creative thinking. Looking back, I am confident our 4mul8 jackson hole members found clarity and inspired curiosity in our landscape and embodied the change that comes with seasonal transitions. The group was impressively diverse and notably absorbed in each strategic discussion. The networking, the insights, the curiosity, the humility, the respect, and the knowledge within this group is nothing short of inspiring.

It’s easy to compose a list of bullet points on paper to communicate the attractive logistics and inclusions of our 4mul8 meetings. However, the bullet points don’t begin to describe the level of detail attributed to bringing these groups together, and they hardly express what our members walk away with. An email describing 4mul8 can be eloquent and personable and still do a mediocre job at articulating the qualities that make 4mul8 a unique community of healthcare executives. As best as I can describe, stepping into the inner-circle as a 4mul8 executive community member elicits a feeling of being a part of something bigger than our singular roles in this industry. It’s a feeling of hope. It’s the hope that comes when surrounded by a group of powerful leaders, thinkers, innovators, creatives, and strategists committed to bringing together their diverse skills and background to fight for the healthcare change that matters. It’s the hope that comes when supported by a community that isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. While I was worried I’d find grizzly bears in this community, I found a pack of wolves —cohesive, intelligent, fearless, and unwavering. New executives typically start coming to 4mul8 because a community member referred them to us. That’s important because it is the community that deepens with each passing year that is what makes 4mul8 special. I’m confident this pack will continue to uncover the solutions that will drive this industry forward, and I am honored to be a part of it. Will you join us?

We invite you to learn more about our community and happily pass along a few ways you can become acquainted with our inner-circle:

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