Will the next democratic presidential nominee have to deeply love universal healthcare, and how about challenging closely-held assumptions about the employer insurance model, too? Can we still find growth during these times of change? 

Is it really time to start talking about Presidential politics for 2020? With a growing field of Democratic hopefuls already pushing their versions of universal healthcare, it sure is. It feels like 1993 all over again. Is the employer insurance model to blame? We think it shoulders some responsibility. This episode delves into long-held assumptions about the coverage model that supports over 156 million Americans. Is this approach the best way forward for leading us out of the affordability crisis given it helped us get into it? It may be a good way to drive pockets of innovation, but will this framework ever help the country achieve true healthcare cost sustainability? Maybe solving for the country as a whole is not the right lift. It could be that we need to be solving for our specific communities in the future. Listen in to hear our thoughts & then let’s debate. Two minds are always better than one. We end this show with a discussion on if you are a growth mindset leader. Does your organization build the box that your team plays within, or do you foster a culture that sees limitless opportunities even in the face of intense challenges? Buckle up. We’re just getting going. Thanks for stopping by to #ElevateYourHealthcareThinking. 


Research Links & Show Notes:

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