define healthcare's next 5 years

we provide a private, 100% member-supported framework of unique consulting & business groups for top executives that unlocks the ideas & partnerships that are shaping our industry

we're a deeply-connected circle of top healthcare executives shaping the future together

m4 innovation is part think tank. part strategic consulting partner. part business groups facilitator & network builder.

we help your organization “tie” together the needs of today with defining the trends that will shape the next five years. It is in that place between these two strategic priorities where our community lives. We believe this balanced approach is what builds thriving, lasting businesses for our membership. Our unique framework is built to help you both 4mul8 (“formulate”) the future while finding pathways to grō (“grow”) today.

how we help you from day one as a member of our community

access intimate business groups

your time as a top executive is valuable. we built our business groups with that in mind. the industry already has too many conferences. our solution is to provide a crowd-sourced strategic planning & discussion platform that is completely private. And, it comes with a heavy dose of senior executive networking.

our prescription comes in two doses. we build a forward-looking planning group that helps you 4mul8 your strategies to shape the next five years within a cohort of diverse thinkers that you may not normally stumble across in the daily course of business. we also offer intimate & targeted meetings that focus on what it takes to grō RIGHT NOW. our transparent membership plans offer a variety of options for you to choose how to engage (& involve your colleagues or team members).

every one of our groups are capped for intimacy. you will not get lost in the crowd here. since these are business meetings (& not conferences), there are no sponsorships accepted. our model is 100% funded by our member companies. our team works to build timely groups to drive your success (for which we are tied).


get thinking not found anywhere else

the bottom line… we scour the WORLD for the top trends that we feel will impact the industry & we bring them to you. but, that’s not enough. our consulting group works closely to personalize an approach that works with the teams of our top-tier member companies to translate these findings in ways that help their businesses succeed. 

on the digital knowledge front, we have curated a top group of thinkers to share their thoughts several times per year on the state of healthcare as part of our year-round package of services to keep you/your team thinking. these papers are available to members via our secure portal. the m4 innovation team also produces research webinars with proprietary content and our “future of the insurance industry” annual report made available to digital memberships & higher.

whether our team is building a personalized strategic model for your organization, you are participating in our crowd-sourced strategy groups, or we are white boarding in a free-flowing session in our office, we promise we will help you see things differently. And then, we’ll help you take those viewpoints to make an impact for your team and your company (often leveraging the deep community of fellow m4 innovation members along the way). 


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