The view from the top of the mountain is always different from its base. The journey to the top is often filled with unexpected challenges, new perils & times when you might want to give up. It’s the challenge that makes the view worth it… and it separates your perspective from those that never get off the valley floor. Healthcare friends, if we are going to get anywhere, it’s time for us to scale our own difficult mountain to change the view of what the future will be. This episode brings forth mountain heroes to inspire us, to help us cast aside our villains & to get on with it to mold healthcare’s future. 

Every great story has a hero and a villain. As time unfolds in the latest riveting chapters of healthcare’s story, how will your company and you be remembered? This episode jumps into what it takes to tell a clear story. Whether you are selling a solution to a prospect or convincing your board of a strategy, this model is applicable to us all. Speaking of great stories, we draw motivation from those that have completed unbelievable feats in rock & mountain climbing. Many of the latest documentaries feature super athletes putting it all on the line to accomplish what was once deemed impossible. That is especially true in “Free Solo” with Alex Honnold. Maybe, just maybe, we can use this as motivation to scale some of the walls that are currently considered unclimbable in healthcare. Leaders in this industry, at all levels, are needed to take on exactly these kinds of challenges. These are the heroes that will be written about in the next chapters of healthcare. We finish this episode by pulling it all together to define what some of these big challenges may be. In the end, it’s up to us to push through the difficult challenges ahead for the industry or risk being obsoleted by others willing to put in the preparation and to take the tough journeys. You might say that it’s time to pick your wall, plan the route and make the climb. Put on your mountain shoes. It’s time to #ElevateYourHealthcareThinking and get going future heroes. 

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