Let’s be honest, the strategy-setting process in corporate healthcare kind of sucks. Secretly, we all know this but let’s dive into the reasons why. We will also dip our toe into the strategy of private exchanges, and I’ll share a book that I promise is not just another strategy framework book with a cool title

Bad strategies can be bad for a multitude of reasons, but by definition, a bad strategy is one that attempts to accommodate far too many varying demands. As a result of this trying-to-please-everyone and perhaps trying to kill five birds with one stone, few tradeoffs happen and the proper (and sometimes tough) allocation of resources that can really see a strong strategy succeed, plays it safe and keeps it balanced. This. Doesn’t. Work. I’m not saying that strategic planning process is crap, we’ve all got to go through it. But some companies are nailing it, and I’m here to talk about how. Beyond telling you what’s working with these uber-successful strategic companies, I’ll pass off a few tools (and resources) your own company can use to improve those inspirational but actionless strategy meetings. Whether your business’s strategy process is stuck in the mud or flying high on the tailwinds of other industries, this episode will help you #ElevateYourHealthCareThinking. Turn up the volume. Let’s do this. 

Research Links & Show Notes:

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