You might never gaze at the stars the same way again after this episode. We look at how scientists are postulating about the end of the universe to define a relative point for you to use for your next strategy. Spaced out, yet? Jump in with us on this fun episode to continue to challenge your healthcare model thinking. 

We are thinking about the healthcare climate on a cosmic level in this week’s episode of the Altitude Sessions podcast.  We explore three theories concerning the fate of the universe and make parallels between these schools of thought and how powerful intergalactic forces might compare to the future growth, expansion, or demise of the healthcare economy. Can we compare our ever-growing industry to a scientific theory that sees the universe expanding and spreading until it spreads so thin it will eventually extinguish into space dust? Then there is the crunch theory that understands the universe as expanding to a constant and then shrinking back down to nothingness at the same rate. Will the healthcare economy hit its constant and turn back the other way until we find ourselves where we started 100+ years ago? Finally, we have the big rip which sees the universe expanding and stretching until it breaks apart into several different pieces. If this might happen to our healthcare system, what’s the trajectory of those pieces that are left behind? Do they drift away or will they regrow into something new? We are strapping into the Altitude Sessions rocket. Are you prepared to #ElevateYourHealthCareThinking? 


Research Links & Show Notes:

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