What do riding a horse and the individual health insurance marketplaces have to do with one another? 

For one thing, if both are pointed in the wrong direction, you could end up a long, long way from your intended destination. When spooked, they can take you on a hell of a ride. Alright… on to the show. First off, thank you very much for stopping by and listening. As the Altitude Sessions series grows in content, our purpose is to use this format to help key executives in the health economy #ElevateYourHealthcareThinking.

This first podcast examines the latest results from the ACA marketplaces now that 2019’s significant enrollment period is closed. We examine the impact of healthcare on politics in these coming months (because who isn’t talking about politics these days). There is a concept called competitive federalism that we love, so that’s discussed with some thinking about how we might create closer state-based partnerships to solve for forthcoming healthcare issues. There’s also this massive expansion in how we view distribution underway. The real distribution models undergoing change have nothing to do with enrollment and eligibility for insurance products. This activity may (key phrase: “may”) actually pull both the pre- and post-purchasing sides of healthcare together. We begin to explain why during the show. And, of course, how could a Wyoming-based company leave out a reference to a horse in our first podcast. We couldn’t, but there’s a lesson in there that sets up to be good career advice for all of you health economy trailblazers. Sit back & get elevated. It’s Altitude Sessions time!

Research Links & Show Notes:

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