It’s been a couple of weeks worth celebrating, so we brought out the Whistle Pig to “inspire” references to the Fyre Festival and the need for management along with comparisons between Amazon & Taco Bell. Oh, and there’s time dedicated to get you thinking about if your product & distribution strategies are ready for the onslaught to your business wrought by the “digital natives” currently spoiled by your friends at Amazon.  

Did we have to bring the Fyre Festival debacle into this episode? Yes, we sure did. It’s a great case in studying the difference between leadership and management. We kick off the episode by drawing this distinction – along with why management isn’t the dirty word people think it is these days. Leader-oriented companies that don’t have the right balance of capable management to back up visionary thinking turn into sailboats ready to tip over with the first major wind gust. Kind of like the Fyre Festival, right? It’s also high time to challenge your thinking regarding the role of product innovation & distribution in healthcare. The importance of these functions should be growing within all of your companies as these sleepy sciences are waking up. You (yes, you) need to be leading this awakening. For fun, and under the influence of Whistle Pig, we also bring in references from “Demolition Man” to compare Amazon to Taco Bell. We move on to summarize current distribution thinking with an emphatic “bleh” while #ElevatingYourHealthcareThinking by asking you if your company is “Primed” to meet the needs of the “digital natives” that are becoming a key demographic for your success. Strap in & enjoy the ride.

Research Links & Show Notes:

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