Oh yes, we cover a lot of ground in this episode. The state of America’s mental health is put into focus. Does the role of technology, which is turning us all into our own mini-Gods, have any influence on our worsening mental state? On less “depressing” terms, we get after AHPs, DPC & digital health tools growth. Stephen Hawking is channeled as this episode’s management guru as a way to remind us that chaos is the constant and that we need to develop an 11th habit to thrive. 

How could we ever top a reference to ineffective executive management approaches in relation to the Fyre Festival mess? We channeled Stephen Hawking as a way to remind you that you’re a chaos manager… that’s how. Being a senior leader can be hard. It has its ups and downs. Maybe you should remember to adopt an 11th habit to find balance? We explain what this means. This episode also digs into the “depressing” topic that is the state of America’s mental health, along with a personal family experience that shaped why m4 innovation exists today. The culpability of technology in creating a me-first culture, which has formed an “Omnipotence Gap,” is floated as a theory worthy of further debate. Are you up for the challenge of getting involved to bring forward solutions that will help your fellow neighbors struggling with mental issues? With all of the relentless commercial focus on the consumer telling us that “we’re our own God,” how do we cope when the realities of life tell us otherwise? The growth of point-specific digital health solutions is discussed along with some thoughts on how these tools fit with overall benefits & distribution model strategies. We also provide quick updates on Association Health Plans and Direct Primary Care progress amongst the 4mul8 executive membership. The irony isn’t lost in that we’re drinking Arcola Whiskey while diving deep into mental health issues. Would you be settled knowing only one glass was poured in the making of this episode? Maybe it was two. Whether it’s water or wine, fill your cup with something delicious. Let’s dive into this session of the Altitude Sessions Podcast together to #ElevateYourHealthcareThinking.


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