Spring Break is upon us (at least at m4). Still, we’re pumping out the good stuff with an episode that discusses the de-coupling concept and how that may impact your business. As for buzzword bingo, we throw in DPC, AI, VoiceTech and “Forget Your Branding” as fun topics this episode. Did we also use Elizabeth Holmes for a leadership example? Maybe. You’ll have to listen to find out more. 

As innovators drive forward a strategy of de-coupling your value chain, do you have a plan to respond as the healthcare guru you are? This episode gets after how disruptors (even the 17-year-old ones) are looking at the market with new eyes. Is your solution stodgy? Have you lost sight of who the real customers are? The new generation of thinkers are finding that they can de-couple and re-assemble your core solution differently using a combination of things that they do well quilted together with best-in-class services providers. Is this gloom and doom for infrastructure, distribution or asset-heavy businesses? Have a listen, and then let’s debate that. Let’s also talk about your brand. In a world where AI-based assistants are proliferating, will they become the most trusted asset in your market strategies? Will the AI-bots serving their masters care about your brand? Or, do they care about the quality of the solution you provide that improves the living experience? Hmmm. These next 10 years are going to be interesting. This show brings it all home by asking if Direct Primary Care solutions are an incremental step toward an accelerated de-coupling moment in health insurance. What’s the next step? How about “Bytes-based Primary Care.” We also talk about the impact of voice channels on your future market strategies. How about networks in the modern healthcare and dental insurance world? Will we need them? With all of this change, do you feel motivated to find that next guru on your team to help lead us forward? Maybe just don’t compare that person to Steve Jobs like what was done with Elizabeth Holmes. In our management advice segment, we get into the question of whether we are anointing talented players to guru status too soon. Dig in. Let’s #ElevateYourHealthcareThinking


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