Let’s talk about the difficulties of innovating during this extreme period where healthcare is being weaponized. A great case study can be found in the Association Health Plan market opportunity. Medicare for All policies will likely morph as the primaries heat up. AND… we want to keep you motivated to stay curious – even during these crazy, unpredictable times. 

Even with healthy profits being reported today, how can the industry move forward over the next five years with the constant weaponization of healthcare going on in American politics? We discuss the likelihood of a “Plan B-type” proposal growing in stature in the Medicare for All debate amongst Democratic Presidential hopefuls as the primaries heat up along with those getting caught in the political tug-of-war around left vs. right-wing policies over the role of Association Health Plans. Curious? Good! We also talk about why you need to stay curious, and why finding time to slow down & think creatively is so important for your career/business. The 4mul8 community is one such vehicle, and a recent (private) small group discussion in Jackson Hole amongst member executives has us really fired up about our mission here to support you, to drive your curiosity & to help you drive your business forward. See things differently… #ElevateYourHealthcareThinking with m4 innovation. 


Research Links & Show Notes:

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