Fresh off time in Miami, we’re rocking this week. How do Legos tie into future product strategies? And, are we in a period where this is “The Employer’s Last Stand?” Listen on & join the debate in our community. 

We’re just back from a great conference with one of our member companies – WEX Health. During this episode, the m4 team recounts the panelist discussion that Brian was part of during the event. Have you thought of the industry’s next product shift like a Lego designer? Should the design be baked by industry experts? Should it be something created by consumers to meet their unique needs using the Lego bricks available to them? Should or should we not encourage this as the next phase for our industry’s product strategies? We also talk about how we are in an 8-year period that we call “The Employer’s Last Stand” & how this ties into the Medicare for All debate. You probably have an opinion on that statement, and that’s good. We present two viewpoints that will make this phrase have more meaning. No matter which direction you see the future of the industry heading toward, we want you to find that inspiration to make your mark…to make an impact for our overall economy. Oh yes, it’s time to #ElevateYourHealthcareThinking.

Research Links & Show Notes:

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