Get outside! It’s good for you & there’s a growing body of evidence that it’s good for healthcare strategies. Is prescribing nature a core tenet to your approaches to sustain healthcare and drive societal/economic advancement? Let’s also find time to grō together starting in Q1 2020. 

In this episode we introduce our brand spanking new grō model coming to our membership in Q1 2020. This development wraps closely with our core topic that binds together your evolution-based need for nature to be optimally effective in your career with the impact that a greater focus on prescribing nature can have on our expensive healthcare system. Our sedentary, technology-obsessed society needs this. Our financially constrained healthcare system needs to experiment a lot more with the value of nature in treatment programs. We need to restore ourselves to think at a peak, creative level. You need time to rest and digest as an executive, and our approach is that prescription for you. Healthcare needs creative executives to lead us forward these next five years. This community is focused on helping you #ElevateYourHealthcareThinking by optimizing your creativity and by building your network through a year-round framework of engaged top executives.

Research Links & Show Notes:

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