This week we have an exceptional visitor from over the river and through the woods. Dr. Mike Tracy joins us on the line from Powell, WY and talks his DPC practice and the benefits of DPC for employer model healthcare in rural communities. We also dive into major takeaways from the latest episode of Black Mirror. Tune in and turn up! 

In the latest episode, Dr. Tracy discusses Direct Primary Care and his practice, 307Health. He shares his decision to open his DPC practice after reading “Three Signs of a Miserable Job” by Patrick Lencioni, pushing him towards the world of DPC to combat his burnout and improve the trust and quality of care provided to his patients. We jump into the bifurcation of the employer market and the value this model can bring as an innovative healthcare lifeline to small, rural communities. SPOILER ALERT: This type of employer model might make offering solutions to smaller employers easy breezy. Dr. Mike Tracey also shares his thoughts on the future of virtual physician accessibility and innovations in telemedicine as it pertains to DPC.  Before signing off, we can’t conclude an Altitude Session without a little dose of pop culture and a small swig of leadership advice. In the latest episode of Black Mirror, Miley Cyrus plays a pop star…crazy right? Unfortunately, Miley’s pop star character, Ashley, is adapted into an AI-enabled doll called Ashley Too with all of the pop star’s characteristics. The real Ashley is essentially trapped and controlled by her overbearing managers exploiting her power, youth, and talent. This Black Mirror episode might repeat the assumed template of pop star fame: overwhelming success, pressure, exploitation, and lonely despair. However, let’s think about the mega-popstars (i.e., The Queen of Pop Madonna) that have stepped away from the formula, learned to reinvent themselves, and are still thriving. The lesson here is that as a leader, even though you may feel like you have to abide by that template, read the perfect script, and put on the perfect face at all times, the truth is…you don’t. Move past the formula, stand out, and be innovative. From the earnest and humble Dr. Mike Tracy to Miley Cyrus playing a pseudo-Miley Cyrus, this episode is packed full of engaging content to #ElevateYourHealthCareThinking. 

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