Can you be creative and neurotic at the same time? Maybe it’s the retail sector that is ramping up their growth mindsets in healthcare looking at moves being made over the last year? Are your strategies keeping up? Dive in to this episode to think big about solving for the upper or lower income sectors in healthcare. 

We kick off this week’s Altitude Sessions podcast with a cheery quote from Charles Darwin: “I hate everybody and everything.” Yikes. However, researchers may have found a link between his sour personality and brilliant mind. We explore this debate and encourage you to think about those members of your team that might dread necessary social interactions. Maybe their anxious ruminations can lead to your next business strategy? What do Walmart and Planet Fitness have in common? They are both appealing to the larger market segments of middle- and lower-income populations. They can also serve as a guide for community anchored healthcare solutions that are affordable and inclusive of many healthy lifestyle determinants. Turn up the volume and get ready to #ElevateYourHealthCareThinking.


Research Links & Show Notes:

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