Winning cultures aren’t always created in the locker room. Yes, stern and serious game time talks are significant for growth and strategy, but what are you doing off the court to maximize your partnerships and facilitate a rock-solid company culture?

Basketball & fine wine. The two go together like…golf & PBR? Yes, we know it’s an odd pairing but hang in there with us. Your latest episode of the Altitude Sessions podcast shoots this week’s shot with a fascinating story about an NBA coach that has found success on and off the court curating exceptional dining experiences for his team members. Organizational culture flourishes around good food and delicious wine. Does this sound like your family? That’s what Coach Pop has built with the San Antonio Spurs— a family whose members are willing to go the extra mile. A family who regularly sits around a dinner table together and, a family who takes time to reflect deeply on successes and failures. Tune in as we provide three key lessons that you can apply within your teams to keep your plays dialed. Pour yourself a cab and join us on this journey as we share how to play the game just a little bit better. Let’s #ElevateYourHealthCareThinking.  



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