grō your business

our very intimate popup meetings that are built around a single market idea to help you find answers for your business to succeed now

(this is real-time market research & networking at its best)

new paths to grō your business begin Q1 2020

two ways to uncover immediate opportunities to help you grow your business

join groups of up to 24 executives in unique locations

get after one topic that will be explored deeply during this one-day, lower-cost format. don’t associate “lower cost” with lower effectiveness. not here. not with grō. this is the ideal place to market test your thinking, while being guaranteed that there will not be competitors in the room. this is a big plus that comes with highly-intimate, targeted strategy groups. find answers at these discussions to take back to your company for budgeting and implementation. build deep connections with fellow executives thinking through the same issue to give you the brainpower & targeted network to help your business win… now.

get invited by a member to enhance your creativity

a cohort studied by the university of utah was found to be 50% better on creative problem solving tasks after spending time in nature. read more about nature being the antidote that you need here. m4 innovation’s proprietary “grō” strategy meetings are invite only. a small cohort made up of 6 executives will take part in a master-planned, one-day experience. these meetings are designed to solve one topic as defined by the m4 team and/or our member companies that retain us as year-round consulting partners. spend some of your time as an invited participant amplifying your creative senses in nature, and then put your heightened thinking to use on the defined issue or opportunity. bring back these newfound insights & opportunities to your company in the days that follow to make an impact. 

(meetings are typically held in m4 innovation’s jackson hole office, but may be held in alternate, inspiring locations)

bigger is not better. small, focused groups assembled for specific reasons yield the results you are seeking. send us an email on opportunities or problems of interest, or let us know you are interested in joining a grō group in the coming months. we'll add your ideas and/or interest to our waitlist (some groups are invite-only... others start at $1,250 per seat & require a membership for your company)

one strategically-defined topic gets 100% focus

grō focuses on a single issue. these strategic discussions are all about depth. the m4 team provides the light case brief. you provide your insights, additional materials and experiences. we define an environment free of your competitors for an incredibly-candid discussion. market test your thinking. help fellow colleagues seeking answers with their questions on a unified topic. get here. learn. get back to your company to make an impact.

yes! no competitors in exchange for your best ideas

it’s true. with grō, m4 curates strategic discussions that will not involve your competition. this is an intimate, solve-for-it-right-now approach that requires your best insights. the key is that when you see a grō topic of interest, let the m4 innovation team know of your interest asap. if your competitor fills a slot before you, then you’ll be waitlisted until the next session on that topic. that might be two years away, as this format gets at a very diverse slate of single-source opportunities.

we'll bring out your best... but, you get the hotel

one of the significant differences from the 4mul8 all-inclusive model is that with grō all hotel expenses are your responsibility. with the exclusion of some of our “grō in nature” invite-only strategy groups, the discussions are one day and include one dinner experience. this differs from the two networking dinner opportunities that come with 4mul8 (and the intimate “grō in nature” groups that include up to three distinct experiences, including a chunk of time allowing your brain to find balance while in natural settings). you (& your cohort) also bring materials to share, and we’ll provide a short, baseline strategy brief & then moderate the session to get to a result.

works best as part of the year-round model with 4mul8

the m4 team has designed grō to work in full harmony with our year-round model. the mix of digital learning, 4mul8 & grō provides a unique approach to arming you with the information to play your part in defining the next five years in the health economy. see the trends coming at you and balance them with the opportunities that you are defining right now. packages bringing 10%+ savings are available that combine 4mul8 & grō experiences for your company (starting at $10,625 per year).

it's time to grō... when & where will your journey start? see below.

start with 4mul8 & be sure to get priority access to grō

the grō model is just getting going. launching fully in Q1 & Q2 in 2020, grō is the perfect “solve now” complement to 4mul8. start by joining 4mul8 to be able to have a say on the topics of focus for grō in 2020.  

like grō? see how it works with our membership tiers

packaged services tiers for our best member organizations that include many unique benefits… starting with at least 10% in savings over buying 4mul8 memberships a la carte