grō strategy sessions

m4’s tailored meeting model that focuses on a single market strategy to help you find answers (while connecting with relevant executives) to succeed now.

this is real-time strategic research & market activation at its best… all while giving you a pathway to “grō” into a deeper connection with our exclusive 4mul8 community. 

grō works as a specialized & confidential market planning meeting for our top 4mul8 members; and, as a targeted dinner discussion series (open to all) that meets in cities around the US as a way to add year-round value to our growing community

two new ways to grō your business with m4 innovation in 2020

how do you customize your path to success with our community in 2020? with a 100% private, 100% tailored strategic planning and market activation meeting designed by the m4 innovation team to create growth pathways for your business

as a top 4mul8 member, we work with your team to plan a one-day meeting tailored completely to a business question or opportunity that you want to explore deeply. our team uses our unique market insights & wide network to source an approach that will help you round out (& validate) your strategic planning efforts. we then use the findings from this meeting to help you activate these approaches in the market. after all, these meetings are all about your growth. grō can be set at a location of your choosing or in Jackson Hole. Contact us at if you are ready to explore this option in more detail. all 4mul8 membership packages are eligible to add this customized experience. 

how do you continue to grō a deep community of top healthcare executives? one dinner meeting at a time.

there is something special about our 4mul8 community. it’s easier to show you than to bury you with hollow marketing messages. throughout Q1 & Q2 of 2020, our team is setting up dinner conversations in select US cities. These strategic discussions will focus on one topic in the grō format, which executives with no experience with our community will be able to attend. We want those of you intrigued with what’s behind the private curtain of 4mul8 to spend time mixing with our alumni that know why this community is so unique. These experiences are typically 3 or 4 hours long, and they take place over a fabulous dinner. When you decide to join one of these grō dinner meetings, you’ll also be given limited access to our community networking portal and content pages. This is a great, low-risk way to dip your toe into the 4mul8 way of getting things done.

ready to grō into the 4mul8 community? here are the upcoming grō dinner meetings coming to a city near you.

dallas - april (date tba)

do you want to free the HSA from HDHP products to unlock a new tier of direct-to-consumer offerings? join a broad collection of your colleagues to have this lively debate over a great dinner.

start with 4mul8 & be sure to get priority access to grō

the grō model is just getting going. launching fully in Q1 & Q2 in 2020, grō is the perfect “solve now” complement to 4mul8. start by joining 4mul8 to be able to have a say on the topics of focus for grō in 2020.  

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