the grō project

looking to grow? it starts with targeted problem solving.
m4's market-based solution

get out of your head & get into the market.

healthcare is changing. fast. and… even the smartest executives need help. 

after two years of research & market pilots, that help is m4’s grō project. 

it’s focused on bringing the market to you. 

it’s about solving a problem. 

it’s targeted executive trust building. 

it aligns you with the experts to get you there.

it’s focused on growth.

it’s designed just for you. just for your needs. 

the grō project flow


1) detail the problem

two-hour client discussion

2) target the experts

identify P&L leaders who can help

3) gain ideas thru stories

build a cinema-style story about the issue (optional stage)

4) source key experts

get 6-8 executives to agree to help


5) write an issue paper

research & write about the problem (& is sent to the experts for digestion)

6) host a virtual meeting

private, 2-hour meeting with invited experts to bring solutions


7) report findings

m4 hones in on areas of opportunity with client

8) build cinematic ending

produce market-facing story that’s yours to keep about the issue & tailored solution (optional stage)

9) partner on distribution

work with m4 to take the solution to the market to drive growth (or do your thing with your new, expert friends)

want more details?

m4 describes our community-first philosophy along with all of the details on every membership program (including the grō project)

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the grō project begins at $39,100, and it can be customized to meet your specific needs. most projects require a 60 to 75-day lead time