4mul8 your future

our top executive meeting built to discuss & debate a diverse set of policy & commercial strategies to help you plan for & thrive over the next five years

(& to make the adjacent connections to help you along your way)

teton village, wy | four seasons jackson hole | october 14-16

2.5 days

6,311 ft in elevation

capped membership to provide intimacy

at our marquee group, we purposely pick places that give us assists from nature & altitude. studies show that your creativity flourishes when you can step away and let nature do “its thing.”

yes, you are busy. we understand getting away isn’t easy. but, we’re still going to tell you that you need to step away from the grind and give yourself the time and space to work through the challenges & opportunities in front of your business. 

seeking like-minded pack leaders.

4mul8 is a strategy group that brings key business leaders from many different sides of the healthcare industry together. why? not just to discuss where the next few years are going, but to figure out how to get there together. we want the doers here. the P&L leaders that know how to execute a strategy or partnership… especially in healthcare where the stakes are always high. 

this is 4mul8.

our strategy group brings the freedom to interact in a casual environment. it’s the time to be curious and ask questions you may not be able to during the day-to-day. it’s a chance for you to unlock ideas and connections that you didn’t see coming when you arrived here. and, it’s a chance to hear m4 innovation’s collated version of the top issues uncovered during our day-to-day consulting business with over 220 key executives from all across the health economy. you’ll get strategy briefs… planned networking opportunities… planned downtime… and plenty of open discussion time. 

what will you get out of 4mul8? 

  • 100% private group
  • 100% member supported (no sponsorships)
  • 90-minute strategy sessions over 1.5 days of meetings
  • research briefs written by the m4 team for each strategic theme
  • unique section-based seating program (quasi-assigned seating)
  • access to an online web portal to maintain connections year-round
  • two networking dinners
  • two nights of hotel accommodations covered (& managed) by the m4 team at the four seasons jackson hole
  • Transportation arranged to/from the JAC airport (or $100 gift card given to those who rent a car)
  • additional post-meeting stays can be arranged at the four seasons jackson hole for an additional fee (we buy down the nightly rate into the $350 range to encourage longer stays in the valley)

are you tired of the conference circuit?

we were too. 

that is how 4mul8 was formed. we wanted to build a framework that would allow for deep ideas & networks to grow. 4mul8 has a capped membership policy to keep things intimate. it is an interactive environment. it is a cohort of executives representing different sectors of healthcare (with a healthy helping from insurers, product gurus, technologists & distributors). this is an all-inclusive group. it is where you can crowdsource strategic planning while building unique partnerships to help transform the way you see your business. in 2019, our format will make sure you leave with more than you came with.

be the thought leader

it’s time to stop putting too much weight into what “experts” say. solving even aspects of healthcare is not a one-person game. this is a team sport. m4 works to bring in the players. we pepper you with ideas in an optimized environment. then, we ask you to play. we moderate the discussions & help highlight and expand on interesting findings through our follow-on grō business meetings in the following months.

jumpstart your thinking

the m4 framework focuses on a set of core questions facing the industry. we build custom modules to set up a question. You read a case brief prepared by m4, listen to a Q&A session with an invited executive, debate as a group what you have read/heard and settle on key takeaways as a group (while internalizing what works for your team/organization).

reward candidness through privacy

4mul8 is a completely private strategy meeting. what is said here stays here (and, there have been more than a few interesting things said here over the years). all materials, including membership lists, are for this group only.

stop worrying about the logistics

this is an all-inclusive format. just get here. after that, we have got your back. 4mul8 membership includes the hotel accommodations, all networking dinners, all business program inclusions, all applicable research, the final report outs and an always-available (private) web portal. of course, all non-meeting expenses are still yours (sorry!).

here are a few details about our upcoming strategy meeting in jackson hole

learn more about 4mul8 2019 Jackson hole

strategic topics to be discussed


strategy module format: 1.5+ hours each
(unique research insights paper, Q&A session, group debate, outputs)


  1. will populism & lack of affordability finally push us to medicare for all within five years (follow on micro topics: would this policy action be sustainable, will the threat of this cause massive ESI-side collaboration & are the Medicare-led innovations doing enough today to warrant confidence in a universal solution being legislated)?
  2. is it time to bring investment and innovation focus to the dental services & financing markets (& what other ancillary markets are ripe for new ideas)?
  3. how do we balance the costs versus benefits of new pharmaceutical treatments along with the proliferation of digital therapeutics coming (& how will this affect model pricing transparency & ongoing monitoring of utilization/efficacy/affordability)?
    a) can solving for rural healthcare issues become the model for rapid, industry-wide innovation advancement?
    b) how will we research and buy healthcare services five years from now in ways that are different than today?
  5. open discussion (bring topics of concern/interest)

(topics are subject to modification)

logistical details

location : teton village, wy

nearest airport : JAC

transportation to/from airport : scheduled by m4 team

hotel : four seasons jackson hole

focus : key issues that are shaping healthcare’s next five years

october 14 – 16 : general meeting schedule
(all times mountain)

october 14

  • all day : arrival day
  • 6:30p – 9:00p : kickoff networking dinner

october 15

  • 7:30a – 8:30a : breakfast
  • 8:30a – 4:00p : business meetings
  • 4:00p – 6:00p : afternoon break & networking time
  • 6:00p – 9:00p : networking dinner

october 16


  • 7:30a – 8:30a : breakfast
  • 8:30a – 11:00a : final business meeting items

2020 4mul8 meeting schedule

we’re thinking about the future.

are you?

the m4 innovation team has special 4mul8 meeting focused exclusively on product & distribution strategies.

it’s never to early to secure your spot. 

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