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we help health economy executives think deeply about the future & how it might impact their business models through a unique collection of hands-on advisory services, private business groups, novel research & global networking


(disclaimer: you must apply to access our 4mul8 tiers, as we are selective on who we invite into this service, and you must be a current mber member company)


organization-wide access

join as an organization for one price to provide wide access for many of your top executives to our best services

small business groups

make an impact by sharing ideas while making new, adjacent connections in private, small business groups; most health groups seem to only get bigger, our 4mul8 groups are small & focused

a-list connections

grow your business & solve for problems by connecting with a-list-level peers as 97.3% of active participants are vp-level or higher

personalized thinking

let the minds at m4 search the globe for solutions to your next growth challenge & present the options to you — saving you time & money in the process

deeper data access

gain access to our proprietary research datasets to explore opportunities deeper — or customize for your next investment justification or decision

application required

get selected into 4mul8, and know you are part of a group that comprises less than 10% of our overall think tank membership

save the dates: our 4mul8 2018 business groups

more info is coming for each business group


guaranteed access to these groups is for 4mul8-level member companies only


mber-level companies may apply to individual 4mul8 groups (and then be voted in by 4mul8-level members on a space-available-basis; additional fees to join the group will apply, if accepted)

4mul8 2018 jackson hole: marquee, top executive group


four seasons
teton village, wyoming
october 22-24, 2018

4mul8-level members only (per membership agreements)


inquire about 2019 key executive memberships at

health/ancillary insurer & reinsurer business group


hotel terra
teton village, wyoming
january 7-9, 2019
up to 14 members (availability is limited)
4mul8 members = $2,250/member
non-4mul8 members = $2,650/member
(service providers not permitted)

interested: email for availability

introducing the altitude session

a fully custom, two-day workshop designed to leverage the inspiration of nature along with the effects of activity & altitude on the human mind


for health economy business leaders that want m4 innovation, with a big assist from nature, to help you tackle a tough problem, find inspiration for a new product, get market feedback and/or gain existing/potential customer insights for a proposed strategy. this is a unique combination of using time in nature, combined with physical exercise & the effects of hypoxia, to unlock a burst of creativity for all participants.


priced for up to eight participants as part of one of our 4mul8 service tiers. invite team members, clients, prospects or market thought leaders to help you meet your stated goals. see our scope of services brochure for more information.

4mul8 memberships begin at $12,500/year

please request our 4mul8 application for more details


these fees are in addition to an mber company membership


there are a total of five (5) tiers available


4mul8 company members have access to our altitude session format (for an additional fee or included in a selected service level) as an added benefit


4mul8 programs are for a select number of companies; apply now, as these limited tiers are already filling up fast for 2018; discounts may be available to startups, foundations, certain employers, government entities, and health economy businesses based in jackson hole

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